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"—and Jim can’t eat but so many or he starts whining about being bloated—"

   [Space Mom, stop.]

I still get the looks in the corridors sometimes. I can tell much of the crew is wondering why someone so young isn’t back at the Academy, earning his stripes. I still hear mention of ‘the kid’ and I know who they are talking about. All I can do is what I have done my whole life: prove them wrong. The captain’s faith in me gives me hope. I will continue to do everything I can to continue to earn his trust.

— Chekov’s Audio Log #2, Star Trek (the game) (xx)



               ”                that’s the point. You have your own problems to deal with, plus all ours, too. The title of 'captain' comes with a lot of stress, and don’t think that won’t put a strain on you — because it will. It already has. The insomnia’s only the beginning.” [She had no idea he wasn’t sleeping — she makes a mental note to ask him about it later, when it isn’t preceded by nagging.]

               ”I ain’t tryin’ to be a pain in your ass. I just — don’t want to see you have a coronary before either of us hit forty —” [Is that — concern, Nurse McCoy?           Okay, so maybe she’s a little more fond of him than she lets on. Maybe.] “      That’s all.”

   ”Believe me. I get the stress. I do. Had it from day one. Hell, I was stressed about all this ever since day one at the Academy.” [For different reasons. Mostly the fact that once people knew who he was (and everyone seemed to) they were all about comparing him to his father.]

    [He sighed, lowered the cup.] “Fine. Since you obviously care a lot—” [He’s mostly teasing. Pushing her buttons is so easy sometimes.] “I’ll try to cut back.”

   [Just sat there laughing to himself but one thing is clear enough to be heard— Hiki.]

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…so much for not hitting on the entire crew, huh Jim?


  “You can come too.”

transwarp—theorist replied to your post: “You go to Space Vegas BUT you can only take Chekov.”:
"You realize how wrong that sounds, right?"

    [He doesn’t even want to say anything to that. Yes, okay, he probably could have worded that better. But just you have fun with this one, Scotty—]

"You’re jealous. I get it. You and I could have fun in Space Vegas too, Scotty.”

    [Because at this point he doesn’t even care what anyone takes away from that. Just let them think whatever they want. People do that. It was a lesson he learned a long time ago. So why not go along and have fun with it?]



               ”Too much caffeine can be dangerous in the short term, and the long term, sir. I’m not sure how many cups you’ve had today, but knowing you, it’s too many. You’ll put a strain on your heart. You could develop insomnia, restless leg syndrome, cardiac arrhythmia.”

                                   A pause — and she crosses her arms over her chest, gaze not at all one of approval. 

                                             ”It’ll raise your blood pressure.”

    “Three. I’ve only had three cups. Are you happy? One more isn’t going to hurt me. And insomnia? That ship has sailed.” [He doesn’t like that look she’s getting. Very like her father.]

             [He’s determined not to stand down though. And, in defiance, he takes a gulp of coffee from the cup he’s holding. It was still hot— too hot. He sputters a bit but then manages to say—] “Yeah, because there aren’t a hundred and one other things that could raise my blood pressure.”



      “You hesitated. You hesitated, JIM!”

 Like hell there’s a lot to do in Vegas; the choices were as follows. 1) Jim gets drunk and gambles away the ship. 2) Jim gets Pavel drunk and he gambles away the ship. 3) Jim gambles himself and/or Pavel away. 4) Jim gets drunk and sleeps with things, possibly including Pavel.  

 ”Do you need a chaperone, damn it?”

    “No. You’re totally missing what I’m saying! I mean— there are shows and things. And yeah, okay, maybe we’ll both get so drunk we end up passing out somewhere together but then we’d actually be sleeping and not— not the other thing.”

   [He’s a little insulted, to be honest.] “I don’t try to sleep with the whole crew, you know. Thought you knew me better than that by now.

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[ Sits in here, observing. ] {out; we missed you so much -- }

[Oh, he so wants to stick his tongue out at Spock.]

    “Take a picture it’ll last longer.”

 [Pulling a face was better.]